History [noun]

Definition of History:

past events, experiences

Synonyms of History:

Opposite/Antonyms of History:


Sentence/Example of History:

If so, it’s because Facebook identified you as someone who has the potential to lead the group, as you don’t have a history of violations.

“Encores” is a weekly online series highlighting past performances from the historic Folger stage, recalling the rich history of public programming at the Folger.

Five of California’s 10 largest fires in modern history are all burning at once.

So Brazil has an unfortunate history of sensitive data finding its way onto the internet.

Three of the largest fires in history burned simultaneously in a ring around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Throughout the history of immunization, going back to the introduction of the smallpox vaccine in the 1800s, some scientists noted that immunizations seemed to guard against more than the disease they were designed for.

In June, this year’s season was canceled for the first time in its 118-year history.

This year, Nigeria recorded the highest Lassa fever outbreak in its history with an over 35% increase in cases from the previous year.

Let’s take a little stroll down drawdown memory lane to see how some of the most successful companies, brands and stocks in history have done over their life as a public company.

The well-worn aphorism of the Frenchman, “History repeats itself,” was about to assert itself.