Version [noun]

Definition of Version:

account of a happening

Synonyms of Version:

Opposite/Antonyms of Version:


Sentence/Example of Version:

He seems to have wished the world to accept this version of his untimely marriage.

About this, in the next place, and about our own version, we shall say a few words.

This version comes from Ireland, and is doubtless the correct original.

According to one version of the story, Tschang O took the shape of this toad.

I remind my readers that it is Blansac's version of the story I am giving.

I ought to know, having framed the first version of it myself.

In the French version, it is the 170th meridian, which is clearly wrong.

Chapter 19: "Uredo vivalis" should be "Uredo nivalis" as in the French version.

Quite simply and briefly he gave her his version of the affair.

The version is to be found, I think, in C4.2, which is the pice justicative.