Rendition [noun]

Definition of Rendition:

explanation; interpretation

Synonyms of Rendition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rendition:

Sentence/Example of Rendition:

Oh, Mr. Gilbert, what did you think of Mr. Tree's rendition of Hamlet?

Rendition is also sometimes improperly used for performance.

The stage has advanced in the authorship of plays and their production, not in their rendition.

When the player had finished her rendition there was much applause.

On the third rendition the latter roused from where he was slumped down.

What is here copyrighted in these records is the individuality and personality of the rendition by the performer.

Such a rendition will be treated as a contribution from a part to the whole.

These were some of the calls that greeted Nats rendition of what he said was Freds song.

His voice was high, clear, and musical, and his rendition was absolutely correct.

Playing from memory is indispensable to the freedom of rendition.