Vagueness [noun]

Definition of Vagueness:


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Sentence/Example of Vagueness:

Then, as the journey went on, the vagueness began to define.

The scientist was under no illusion as to the vagueness of the title "Chairman."

"It is very interesting," remarked the Duke, with vagueness.

And then the vagueness of the warning—because what can be the meaning of the phrase: to spoil one's life?

Peter questioned with a vagueness that was pardonably exaggerated.

Its literature—its art with its infinite life in it, is a blur of vagueness.

The sensation wishes to find a form on which to mold the vagueness of its contours.

He was not in the least troubled by the vagueness of the leading article.

It is vagueness itself, and its advocate is little better than a type.

The measure of that neglect was given by my vagueness of mind about Jasper.