Peg [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Peg:

Phim sticks to it, too; tells me my peg is downright encouragement to the bacteria.

Then, still softly and swiftly, he lifted the saddle from its peg and put it on its back.

I'll hang it back on the peg just now, but don't use it again fer a bit.

Shandy gave the bridle a swing, and it clattered to the floor from its peg.

In the other case the moving and steering was done by turning a peg.

Peg demanded what he laughed at, but no answer was returned.

There's them in this world that needs settin' up and there's them that needs takin' down a peg.

I reached up to the peg of the electric light and turned it on.

Her stick was tied to a peg in the ground and she could not follow him.

Last chance and first chance for a peg, do you see what I mean?