Docket [noun]

Definition of Docket:

program, agenda

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Sentence/Example of Docket:

“A small number of preexisting cases may have remained on dockets after March 25, but we have not filed any new suits or actions since then and are not currently doing so,” Hartwick said.

Backers of the bill, who are pressing for a House vote in coming days, envision a streamlined, user-friendly system that would allow citizens to search for court documents and dockets without having to pay.

All that is to say that there was so much on the docket to talk about last week.

That means nobody can do anything until Council President Georgette Gómez puts the franchise fee bid on the docket.

For years, so many defendants sued by Methodist came to court that their cases consumed almost all of a courtroom’s docket on Wednesday mornings, when a judge would hear nothing but Methodist’s cases.

The Council president can withhold the bids from the docket.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that the cases on the current docket were chosen by a nine-justice Court that included Ginsburg.

A hearing for a "waiver of indictment and plea to information" is scheduled for October 8, according to an entry in the court docket yesterday.

District Judge Jonas Legum worked his way through the docket in April 2018, reviewing dozens of cases filed by the housing authority.

The Supreme Court is a full year behind its docket, and the delay will inevitably multiply your few 'croakers' by many thousands.