Message [noun]

Definition of Message:

communication, often written

Synonyms of Message:

Opposite/Antonyms of Message:

Sentence/Example of Message:

Geta dared trust no one but me to carry a message to Clinias.

To the porter who answered his ring he handed the message to be put off at the first stop.

He returned at length with the message, "The lady says will you please step up-stairs."

A bat circled near, indecisively, as if with a message it hesitated to give.

Will you deliver your message, name your place and hour, and I shall meet you.

If ever you see George again, sir, you will oblige me by conveying one message.

I send now a message to our cousin Charles which his whole kingdom may read.

I am sending this message from the drug store around the corner.

Behind him with steps as noiseless as his own came the three men to whom he had just given the message.

He had told Schwitter he would be at the hospital, and the message found him there.