Bulletin [noun]

Definition of Bulletin:

message, notification

Synonyms of Bulletin:

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Sentence/Example of Bulletin:

The Bulletin contains also all reports prepared for the various Sessions of the Congress and minutes of the discussions.

"I clipped it from last night's San Francisco Bulletin," the latter explained quietly.

I mixed the lime-sulphur one part to sixty, for I carefully read the warning in my spraying bulletin.

This is quite in the bulletin style of conquerors; it has a ring of "veni, vidi, vici" about it.

But the bulletin which he dictated ran, "The enemy withdrew to their position, and we remained masters of the field."

He caught on with the sporting department of the Bulletin early in August and made an almost instantaneous hit.

Four months later Rusk left the Bulletin in order to try his hand at free lancing for the magazines.

When the rescuers picked him up and bent over to hear what he might say his lips framed the words, "Send a story to the Bulletin!"

Miles must be a fool not to know that even after Peter Neale had been smashed that part of him which was the Bulletin would go on.

The managing editor traffic through the office of the Bulletin was prodigious.