News [noun]

Definition of News:

information, revelation

Opposite/Antonyms of News:

Sentence/Example of News:

Mrs. Milbrey entered, news of importance visibly animating her.

She received his bits of news with the aplomb of a resourceful commander.

And there was the rather astonishing bit of news he had just given her.

Day after day passed on with no news of Giles or Will Wherry.

Great was the interchange of news over the homely hearty meal.

Soon the news of his terrible deed spread throughout the land.

He dreaded to break the news to his mother, for he knew that it would distress her.

Hope took the news more patiently than any one, but with deep solicitude.

But now came a tide of other news, and almost all of it was stale stuff to him.

When the news had spread, others came to join him, and he could not refuse.