Specification [noun]

Definition of Specification:

requirement, qualification

Synonyms of Specification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Specification:

Sentence/Example of Specification:

In this specification of personal supplication we are taught to expect only as we deserve.

The law contained no specification of the mutual rights and duties of the spouses.

No specification of the time and circumstances can be made which will stand examination.

Some examples of the process of specification will be useful.

Things were not being done, he felt, according to specification.

She specified, and underlined the specification, that I was to come "right off, and in the automobile."

No specification is made as to the size of the shotgun to be used.

The specification of the allotments need not detain us long.

The law of specification, of distinction, runs through the universe.

It is a specification that emerges, correspondently, in both datum and ideatum.