Discovery [noun]

Definition of Discovery:

finding, uncovering

Opposite/Antonyms of Discovery:




Sentence/Example of Discovery:

At other times, we’ve explored cutting-edge discoveries such as superconductivity in rotated sheets of graphene.

The upshot of these discoveries is that a tetrahedron must be scissors congruent to a cube to have a chance of tiling space.

Other parts of the world, such as Italy, have reported the discovery of covid-19 cases weeks or months before they were first reported in Wuhan in December 2019, the officials said.

Having been a home brewer for about a decade now, I really enjoy new discoveries.

Our conversation about his dusty discoveries has been condensed and edited for clarity.

After he was made NIH director in 2009, he set about making the agency more focused on translational science—finding ways to convert scientific discoveries into medical advances.

It was a tantalizing discovery, since a wet Mars could mean a living Mars.

First came the discovery of a special class of fold-switching proteins that have more than one stable conformation and can perform two different functions.

Learning more about this nimble, barracuda-like sea lizard will reveal more of the evolutionary experimentation going on at the time, but gaining that understand requires the discovery of more fossil material, which could take a while, Longrich says.

Most have been modeled on the discovery made in 1796 by the English doctor Edward Jenner, who noticed that many milkmaids were immune to smallpox.