Distinguishing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Distinguishing:

Everyone had to wait until the next spring, because an important distinguishing trait shows up in flowers.

A good many children seem to be like savages in distinguishing those to whom one is bound to speak the truth.

Some of his violins possess a distinguishing mark in a rather abrupt rise in the centre.

Gram's method (p. 40) is a very useful aid in distinguishing certain bacteria.

And respectable obscurity has ever been the distinguishing characteristic of Godalming.

This is the case with the modern Jews and many other people who have strongly-marked, peculiar, or distinguishing characteristics.

Perhaps sheer agitation may have rendered him incapable of distinguishing one among so many.

And through Christ come all the distinguishing features, and all the high privileges of his people, as an holy priesthood.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the apes and of the nearly related lemurs has not hitherto been definitely pointed out.

Then Young Glory heard some shouting, but the roar of the sea prevented him from distinguishing the words.