Exploration [noun]

Definition of Exploration:

investigation; survey

Synonyms of Exploration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exploration:

Sentence/Example of Exploration:

Byrne is bullish about wanting to see a comprehensive exploration program for Venus similar to what we’ve already seen for Mars.

As we’re seeing in China, the days of the search engine website that you visit to start your exploration could be numbered.

Stay for an exploration of how journalism works and the dilemmas this development opens up.

In a blog post published today, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said the new initiative is part of the agency’s larger goal with the Artemis program to bolster private-sector participation in space exploration.

With over a dozen preloaded apps, clear display, and fast processing, the TI-84 Plus encourages exploration of interactive geometry, inequality graphing, real-world data collection and analysis, and other tools for math and science coursework.

Current explorations are focused on the media of virtual worlds and immersive technologies.

The potential DirecTV sale may have triggered the exploration for a Xandr buyer as well.

On this front, Bank of the West has made the decision not to finance oil and gas exploration in the Arctic, coal-fired power plants, fracking, tobacco products, or palm-oil production.

Erdogan said he also expects “good news” from exploration activities in the eastern Mediterranean.

A climate shortlist includes the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, ending the Clean Power Plan, rolling back fuel emission standards, and lifting regulations on oil and gas exploration in the Alaskan wilderness.