Research [noun]

Definition of Research:

examination, study

Synonyms of Research:

Opposite/Antonyms of Research:

Sentence/Example of Research:

Suffice it to say, that for my own part, diligence hath not been wanting in the research.

In this research you will compete with some of the most distinguished chemists in Berlin.

And this is largely due to her methods of research and inquiry.

But this work was the fruit of long years of patient observation and research.

He had failed in one research, but he was led to grand conclusions.

At least in his early works, he was meticulous in his research.

He found the Bible offered him such an enormous field of research.

Is the "research" man the best teacher for the introductory courses?

There will always be some bright students who can help him in his research work.

The inability to make it is one of the reasons why research men so often fail as teachers.