Investigation [noun]

Definition of Investigation:

thorough check

Synonyms of Investigation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Investigation:

Sentence/Example of Investigation:

As the investigation continued, a crime analyst at the Gaithersburg Police Department learned that just three months earlier, Christopher Michael Cline had been released from federal prison after serving 15 years for a series of bank robberies.

It’s not yet clear when any kind of follow-up investigation will take place.

Giving civilians a role in investigations of police conduct, he said, would be akin to allowing members of the public to take part in a soldier’s court-martial.

The indictments against numerous alleged rioters with military and police connections have led local agencies to open investigations and the Pentagon to order each military branch to dedicate time to addressing the problem in the coming months.

The dispute has delayed progress on the investigation, for which the state allocated $1 million.

“State of Denial” was an in-depth investigation into Arizona’s Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Apple may reveal more specific information about the possible exploits down the road, but it typically engages in thorough investigations before doing so.

Most contracts simply provided that the officer will be “informed of the nature of the investigation,” and few contracts explicitly prohibited disclosure of the complainant’s name to the officer who had been the subject of the complaint.

Following a reporter’s inquiry in January, the department launched an internal affairs investigation into Solomon’s extra duty hours, said Capt.

Another big investigation point is Google’s continued payments to Apple to remain the default search engine on its devices.