Inquisition [noun]

Definition of Inquisition:

official inquiry

Synonyms of Inquisition:

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Sentence/Example of Inquisition:

When I was at Portugal, there was held at that time the court of justice of the Inquisition.

Philip Limborch died; a Dutch professor of divinity, and author of a history of the inquisition.

After an uncertain period of waiting, the orderly called "Gordon MacRae," and the inquisition began.

In the midst of their conjuring, the Inquisition came down upon them.

In 1726 he was denounced to the Inquisition for the offence of reading forbidden books.

There was talk of the Spanish Inquisition, but little or no actual violence is recorded to have been done.

If you have to conduct this official inquisition, go on with it, but I refuse to speak except to answer your questions.

Its effect is well expressed in the old proverb: "Between the King and the Inquisition we must not open our lips."

He created in the Consistory a Calvinistic inquisition, absolutely similar to the revolutionary tribunal of Robespierre.

A belief, such as we refer to, was promulgated amongst the Crusaders, and was fostered by the founders of the Inquisition.