Hearing [noun]

Definition of Hearing:

ability to perceive sound

Synonyms of Hearing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hearing:


Sentence/Example of Hearing:

Several city residents testified against it at a recent hearing that was focused on the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

Teachers should also warn hard-of-hearing students by announcing that they’re changing formats before they share their screen, Martinez says.

The test involving the new toy was also carried out by 20 volunteers with their own dogs, but these dogs didn’t show the ability to learn new names after few hearings.

The bill is still alive but it’s yet to face a committee hearing.

Bellows ordered prosecutors to inform Karau of any future hearings.

They were then loaded onto SSB 55 at the last minute, which included provisions hostile to public education that have never even had a public hearing.

They alleged that Salsman would grope them without their consent during one-on-one meetings in his office and even under the table during court hearings.

Later in the month, both the House and Senate will hold their own hearings on the subject.

“Just this past week, we had a family of four sucking on lollipops the whole time and thinking that that was going to be their excuse,” Nelson told the hearing, adding that the family is being banned by the airline.

He didn’t clear that up during the hearing, either, keeping his options open.