Delving [verb]

Definition of Delving:

dig into task, action

Synonyms of Delving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delving:





Sentence/Example of Delving:

In 2021, Reuters plans to roll out a hybrid events model, which will delve further into region-based networking without losing the benefits of virtual that the Reuters team has discovered over the past eight months.

Watch below — then scroll to delve even deeper into people, places, and one-of-a-kind foods featured on the show.

In this issue, we delve into the world of botanists trying to save the last plants of their kind from extinction.

The book delves into his story and personal history, but it largely serves as a warning.

Among the slew of changes to search Google announced Thursday, we wanted to delve deeper into the passage-based indexing announcement.

As we near the end of the second round of Major League Baseball’s expanded playoffs, we thought it would be a good time to delve into what we’ve observed in this year’s unusual postseason.

Trufelman delves into the history, environmental impacts, and cultural implications of what we wear.

It quickly became clear that Pence was much more interested in propping up and knocking down straw men than in delving into details of the administration’s response.

Gilmore Girls is a family drama, and it shines brightest when it’s delving into the fundamental trauma and dysfunction — and the warmth and the joy — of the Gilmore family.

I soon found a body of research called Blue Mind science, which delves into the potential health benefits of aquatic environments.