Spade [noun]

Definition of Spade:


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Sentence/Example of Spade:

Here, professor, throw off that coat and nglig manner, and grasp this spade.

When a man struck some new thing with his spade, he called out.

She called a spade a spade, and liked frankness and no under meaning to things.

Then lift each plant with a spade or mattock slowly and skillfully.

"Not one," said the Prince, leaning on his spade in despair.

The Prince took the spade and began to dig, though not very hopefully.

John snatched the spade out of his hand and fell to doing his work instead of him.

It was Brother Paul coming up with a spade to shovel away the snow.

He rested on his spade and looked up, but did not speak for a moment.

He had a spade over his shoulder and a great key in his hand.