Explore [verb]

Definition of Explore:

investigate; survey

Synonyms of Explore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Explore:

Sentence/Example of Explore:

The course, designed in collaboration with the particular company and Forage, gives students a chance to “explore what a career would look like at their firm before the internship or entry-level application process opens,” Brunskill explains.

The Talon is a great way to access the river or lake explore the land surrounding a body of water.

There will also be a desktop version of the service available with an even richer set of features for users and their doctors to explore.

The result is a new season of Wild Thing, a podcast that explores the strange and unusual things that capture our imaginations.

It explored the bucket, and then leapt onto the rim, made several circuits, hopped down, and casually disappeared into the overgrown grass.

The way that I keep fresh is to dedicate myself to trying new things, learning new things, exploring different subjects.

Last week in the Politics Report, Andrew Keatts and Scott Lewis explained and explored the intrigue behind Alleged Footnote 15.

Brands feel liberated to explore collaborations with a broader range of partners far beyond their traditional sandboxes.

Participants will look for items, answer trivia and win prizes all while learning and exploring the zoo.

The world must certainly be round, he thought, and he was no longer satisfied to explore the waters near his own home.