Prospect [noun]

Definition of Prospect:

outlook for future

Synonyms of Prospect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prospect:

Sentence/Example of Prospect:

The view from the Prospect, however, is the town's chief present glory.

Uninterrupted, they marched to within a few hundred yards of Prospect Hill.

Some on 'Prospect,'—'Hermitage'—and 'Woodland' treat all right.

Prospect of war the cause of the formation of the Royal Flying Corps.

There was a house on Prospect Street, nearly finished, and I engaged it.

It was fifteen miles to Prospect, where our nearest forces were.

Entrenchments had been thrown up on Prospect and Winter Hills.

The provincials did the same, on Prospect Hill, in front of them.

Towards the close of 1712 Tickell published his poem on the Prospect of Peace.

The climax of the season was the fancy dress dance at the Prospect House.