Possibility [noun]

Definition of Possibility:

feasibility, likelihood; chance

Opposite/Antonyms of Possibility:

Sentence/Example of Possibility:

But things are unbearable just until we have them to bear; their possibility comes with them.

Difficulties to conquer can only exist side by side with the possibility of not conquering them.

I almost think he was unaware of the possibility of doing otherwise.

She could not allude to such things without at least a possibility of response.

Then it would be doubly hard to Mart to have had the possibility suggested.

As a matter of exact reasoning, that is quite within the measure of possibility.

Now the possibility had not once suggested itself to his mind.

As to the possibility, however, the authorities are at loggerheads.

Miss Baker talked persistently about Bermuda; as if my exile had ever been a possibility!

In those days there was no possibility of buying all sorts of music ready printed.