Safety [noun]

Definition of Safety:

protection from harm

Synonyms of Safety:

Opposite/Antonyms of Safety:

Sentence/Example of Safety:

But can the safety of the state be secured by merely excluding the vicious poor?

Then there was another stream to cross, which was also passed in safety.

They looked after the safety of the roads and the waterways.

We are now in safety again, and to-morrow being Sunday we will rest.

These only becloud, they do not help to point the way of safety and honor.

I could see and hear all that was going on, and trembled for my safety.

They may have been removed there from the abbey for safety at the time of the dissolution.

She had nearly said a place of safety, but checked herself in time.

Down swooped the great cog into the narrow channel which was the portal to safety.

God's object at that time was not the safety of the Jews, but vengeance.