Impregnability [noun]

Definition of Impregnability:

protection from harm

Synonyms of Impregnability:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impregnability:

Sentence/Example of Impregnability:

The power she possessed over him seemed exactly in proportion to his impregnability to every one else.

Every moment's reflection but convinces us of the absolute impregnability of the Southern position on this subject.

What a figment of the imagination this boasted impregnability of the Bank of England was the sequel will show.

Nay, to him he even relaxed in some degree his strongest, and most guarded point of impregnability—his purse strings.

I have more than once been astonished at the real impregnability of the retreats selected by wounded bison.

Filibusters saw the value of a base so close to Spanish holdings, realized the impregnability of the harbor and flocked thither.

Probably that was Martin Jaffry's own impregnability—that he wouldn't have lied about a lady to save himself.

Our victory was owing to the small numbers of the attacking force, as well as to the impregnability of the fortress.

The city was wholly confident in the impregnability of its stronghold, the Castle of Chapultepec.

Each visit to Thermopylæ has, however, deepened my conviction that Herodotus exaggerated the impregnability of this pass.