Solidity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Solidity:

Its hardness, solidity, and actuality could not be gainsaid.

Now, it is this sense of the solidity of things that can only be uttered by the metaphor of eating.

Also, it looked as solid as the earth, but was without any solidity at all.

He went over it carefully, to assure himself of its solidity.

He tapped the end of the boat with his foot to make sure of its solidity.

Then stillness, and solidity, and the blackness of the Pit outside the Med Ship.

Of these works, solidity may be said to be the prominent characteristic.

He seemed unwilling to move, as if distrustful of his own solidity.

Anders looked at the masses of atoms that were pretending to solidity, meaning and reason.

To find the solidity of a sphere: Multiply the cube of the diameter by .5236.