Compactness [noun]

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For more compact laptop drives, things are just a tad more confusing, since they look so similar.

This is by far the console’s most glaring downside, especially when the Xbox Series S is super compact.

Thanks to its compact build, I’ve never had to reorganize the camp kitchen to find space for it on the table.

The compact seeks to have a quorum of states whose Electoral College votes add up to at least 270, agreeing to cast their votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote.

The Cubii JR compact seated elliptical easily fits under even a small desk, allowing the owner to get work done while getting in a light workout at the same time.

These charger cases are as compact as the earbuds themselves, too, and usually recharge the headphones via a small series of metal contacts.

The Anolon Advanced features a divided surface, with a grill portion on one side and a griddle on the other—so you can easily balance cooking two different courses in one compact pan.

It’s an example where a compact between a government and a community that’s been driven by expert advice has achieved a valuable public health outcome.

Ice with warmer water below it compacted seven percent faster than ice atop very cold water, Rylan showed.

These gloves from The North Face offer all-season protection in a low-profile and compact cut, making them great for everyday use and for folks who frequently walk outside or go on hikes.