Clot [noun]

Definition of Clot:

blockage, mass of coagulation

Synonyms of Clot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clot:

Sentence/Example of Clot:

Dugung nagpúgul sa inunlan, Placenta filled with a big clot of blood.

A clot is simply a mass of fibrin threads with a large number of corpuscles tangled within.

He was as one lost, as helpless in the crush of whirling humanity as a wind-driven clot of foam on a storm-tossed sea.

There was a clot of seaweed at his wrist, and the soles of his feet and one up-turned palm were grayish and shriveled.

It was a completely unforeseeable thing—a blood clot broke loose in a vein, and lodged in his brain.

I lay in a bunk that felt gritty and greasy to the touch, and my hair was matted behind by a clot of blood.

By the time a good enough clot was formed for him to relax his concentration the guards were scrambling down to find him.

We buys only de best, we cooks it right, an' we serves it proper, wid table-clot' an' napkins.

Allow it to clot, separate off the serum and transfer to a sterile test-tube.

In five minutes a clot of blood will have covered the lacerated brain, and I shall lose consciousness again.