Complaisance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Complaisance:

I proceed how to examine some of those practices to which the priests tell us the Deity attaches his complaisance and his favors.

Basilio would smile bitterly and reflect that in this world complaisance with vice is rewarded better than fulfilment of duty.

He saw that he was getting beyond control, and, under an exterior of compliance and complaisance, he was genuinely alarmed.

I try'd to pacify him, and spar'd no Pains nor Complaisance for it, but all to no purpose.

My first theft was occasioned by complaisance, but it was productive of others which had not so plausible an excuse.

I feel almost ashamed of your complaisance and kindness in permitting me to see the MS. of your as yet unknown literary treasures.

He would be all kindness to his grandson and win from him, if it might be possible, reciprocal courtesy and complaisance.

Not that Mrs. Gano developed an angelic complaisance, or Val a superstitious reverence for the head of the house.

But the youthful Uncas continued a silent and respectful listener, until Hawkeye, in complaisance, demanded his opinion.

I have often more than half ruined myself by my complaisance; and, being afraid of controul, have brought controul upon myself.