Puerility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Puerility:

They lavish their strength, their puerility, and their anger.

We can infer this from the signs of puerility of certain legends.

But the passengers might surely be as alive to the puerility as any one else.

It has bad English, bad verse, and puerility; but is not indelicate.

They began their sitting in puerility; they terminated their decrees in blood!

In brief, there is no puerility that is not at home in this sphere of misbegotten effort.

We are perfectly convinced of the puerility of it all, but that does not help us in the least to mend it.

Her tone calls him back to a sense of the ungentleman-likeness and puerility of his conduct.

The puerility of garb and ceremonial was lost in the significance of the result.

There was a childishness, a puerility about it that made the men smile.