Fatuity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fatuity:

I might add that at last they become terrible, and disgust every one by their fatuity and nonsense.

With a fatuity hardly more credible than creditable, the Lalugwumps, as they call themselves, deny the immortality of the soul.

Troy remembered her dissertations on the steamer, and winced at a fresh display of such fatuity in such a scene.

With singular fatuity none of the officers or seamen were armed, although the ship was well provided with weapons.

"Oh, you needn't fear; you shan't lose me," the girl replied with charming gross fatuity.

They knew it without fatuity or vulgarity, and they respected themselves in consequence.

His faith was unshaken—in sheer asinine fatuity it was sublime.

In morals we are however quite accustomed to such a fatuity.

She turned sick at the thought of her fatuity and of the grossness of his arts.

As never before he was impressed with the fatuity of his chivalric rashness.