Idiocy [noun]

Definition of Idiocy:

utter stupidity

Synonyms of Idiocy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idiocy:

Sentence/Example of Idiocy:

Radius is the robot that understands his station and chafes at the idiocy of his makers, having acted out his frustrations by smashing statues.

The ambulance took more than half an hour to arrive, which was a criminal idiocy.

To this day Jean Kostka does not seem conscious of any element of idiocy in the variation of the old-fashioned name.

Inexhaustibly kind to undeserved misfortune, a little impatient of mere incompetence, implacable to continuous idiocy.

The sight he was looking on would have sent three men out of five into gibbering idiocy.

Perhaps not until the child is six months old can the observer distinguish between blindness and idiocy.

Physical inhibition in the growth of the brain involves, on the mental side, feeble-mindedness and idiocy.

Two incidents alone relieved the dead level of idiocy and incomprehensible gabble.

Trampled upon, broken-spirited, and as if that's not enough, in my idiocy I must needs fall in love!

In not a few cases there is a steady mental decline, which ends in dementia or idiocy.