Fatuousness [noun]

Definition of Fatuousness:

dullness of mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Fatuousness:

Sentence/Example of Fatuousness:

Dave asked with a fatuousness that still further irritated him.

One other partial concession is made in a passage sublime in its fatuousness.

With the fatuousness of a weak man cornered, he clung to unimportant details.

Instead of breaking, as the bosses—with the fatuousness of Nero—had hoped, the picket became more intense and more effective.

Posterity adjudicated that no greater example of servile fatuousness could be produced.

Then wrap it up in a blanket of humour, sprinkle with fatuousness, and serve cold.

This is neither pride nor fatuousness on my part; it is a sort of intuition that comes to me, I think, from Heaven above.

Mr. Cable sees the old charm in this life of an echoing past and the same fatuousness.

They were greatly assisted by the fatuousness of the Democrats.

The fatuousness of forethought had seldom been evinced more ironically.