Obtuseness [noun]

Definition of Obtuseness:

dullness of mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Obtuseness:

Sentence/Example of Obtuseness:

My besetting fear was that I couldn't count on her obtuseness.

We had not, however, taken into account the obtuseness of a barbaric despot.

As soon as he had taken up a business, his obtuseness vanished.

Oswald marveled at the obtuseness of this eminent barrister.

Besides, that one particular area of obtuseness was a real part of his charm.

He spat out the words with unspeakable impatience at my obtuseness.

He thus shows his obtuseness, or his subordination to a higher power.

Affectation is worse than obtuseness, for obtuseness is at least honest: it may mend its ways.

It is from neglect to open our hearts to Nature, that obtuseness comes.

Obtuseness to the beauty and meaning of Nature sinks us to the level of the brutes.