Nonsense [noun]

Definition of Nonsense:

craziness, ridiculousness

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonsense:

Sentence/Example of Nonsense:

Nonsense must have the dew on it, or it is good for nothing.

"Nonsense," he laughed, with the air of a man certain of his facts.

It's all nonsense, and I'm going to see that you're both stopped.

I am talking very like nonsense, majie, but I can't do it better.

That it was only a Yankee ship, any how, and that it is all "blarsted" nonsense to make a fuss about it.

Mr Verloc will be sorry to hear of this nonsense, Stevie,—I can tell you.

Mrs Verloc rose, and went into the kitchen to “stop that nonsense.”

There was a plausibility in all he said; but, if it were examined, there was nothing in it but nonsense.

Mistress Cross might have persuaded him out of this nonsense, but did not see fit to do so.

Sense or nonsense, just as you please, so as it shows us what an acrostic is.