Irrationality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Irrationality:

If you think of irrationality as a consumer good, much like a car or a television, you can better understand why people sometimes say and do crazy things.

It is evident that the irrationality of frequent appeals to expensive and bothersome litigation should arouse suspicion.

The imbecile irrationality of this will not have escaped you.

It may have been a mere passing whim or fancy, done in a moment of weakness or emotion or temporary irrationality.

It would seem as if fashion never could take repose but in supreme irrationality.

I exclaimed, vexed by the irrationality, as it seemed to me, of this homely boatman's philosophic views.

Philosophizing on the irrationality of old people, she proceeded to get enough scarcely-ripe peaches for a deep-dish pie.

With an irrationality, that seems at the same time terrible and beautiful, instinct moves straight to its goal.

And the complex vision becomes false to itself as soon as it loses touch with this world-deep irrationality.

Children may well be excused for concluding that the ways of the adult, in their capricious irrationality, are past finding out.