Impracticality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Impracticality:

Over a relatively short span, the cost of utility-scale solar—that is, centralized plants that supply the grid—has gone from impractical to one of the cheapest around.

In some cases, items on that list are still pretty impractical and unproven.

However, many enterprise sites have millions of pages which makes crawling from your computer impractical due to time constraints or machine resources.

During the meeting, a Hays County Health Department official expressed concern about Hayungs’ plan, deeming it impractical for the population the office serves.

Then it’s like an annual flu shot, and that’s expensive and impractical.

Such a very impractical man was the inventor, and so very troublesome in his impracticality!

My foolishness, I suppose, is typical of the scholar's abstraction and impracticality.