Impossibility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Impossibility:

Its validity depended on the impossibility of keeping track of trillions and trillions of molecules, something no real demon, or human, could manage.

Others stick with him because of the impossibility of their survival.

What was pitched as a celebratory aggregation of my listening habits over the previous 12 months exited the machine as a testament to the long stretches of time where engaging with music felt like an impossibility.

To consider impossibility, we need to understand that just asserting that a thing exists doesn’t make it so.

In short, quantum tunneling seemed to allow faster-than-light travel, a supposed physical impossibility.

Here is a thing sternly condemned in the older thought as an economic impossibility.

To beach the boat, land the horses, and get the young ladies ashore in safety, had become an absolute impossibility.

In fact, he had placed himself in so unsatisfactory a position as to render anything but bad news next door to an impossibility.

The impossibility of continuing united to Portugal had become daily more apparent.

His mind cannot grasp the impossibility of suicide before I have explained to the People the motive and purpose of my act.