Practicality [noun]

Definition of Practicality:

concern with actual use

Synonyms of Practicality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Practicality:

Sentence/Example of Practicality:

I'm sure Lady Eynesford teaches her household the value of practicality.

His practicality interested me, and I stayed the service out.

In my time there was not the call for practicality that there is today.

The devil can quote Scripture, and law, and morality and reason and practicality.

Practicality is compatible with romance as well as with rascality.

Another man is like a hand—he has the genius of practicality!

And, upon this rocky basis of practicality, their young romance was built.

But aesthetic and emotional observations had to give way to practicality.

But this most desirable course has not the virtue of practicality.

He began to see that the costumes of each country have their origin in practicality.