Probability [noun]

Definition of Probability:

likelihood of something happening

Synonyms of Probability:

Opposite/Antonyms of Probability:

Sentence/Example of Probability:

Let them ponder on the probability of succeeding with the people.

Thus doubtless our hostess reasoned, and in all probability she was right.

Then there was some probability of being put in a coaster; which we might run away with.

The case is the same with the probability of causes, as with that of chance.

So far the probability was against Arthur's being the author.

Some one is, in all probability, left to think twice about it.

The probability is that the loss was about fifteen millions.

I had foreseen the probability of her coming, but not the possibility of her coming so soon.

Yes, I could in all probability have blown up the entire Empire of Austria.

Some of these wives, in all probability, possess the information that we would like to get.