Odds [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Odds:

Either I'd pull through or I wouldn't, and the odds were—well, I didn't say much.

The case of Yates was by all odds the most complex and bewildering of the four.

But a bettor of the right sort slips in an' taps me for odds to a thousand.

It don't make no odds whether you believe it or not, she's there.

At odds with him, she yet took time to think of his creature needs!

According to her, it asked no odds from the wild huntsman, or the Gabriel hounds.

It makes no odds whether a man has a thousand pound, or nothing, there.

The odds were all against these men, yet no one considered the matter.

It's by all odds the best jack-o'-lantern I ever saw in my life.

With the odds against him, Tom started in to regain the lost ground.