Chance [adjective]

Definition of Chance:

accidental, unforeseeable

Synonyms of Chance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chance:

Sentence/Example of Chance:

Few of those who say they are “probably” going to vote for one candidate say there is a “chance” they would vote for the other candidate, suggesting that some of these “swing” voters may not vote on Election Day, the pollsters said.

In Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court voted on a strict party line, with the court’s two Republicans partially dissenting, writing in a separate opinion that the Green Party ticket should have been given a chance to fix its paperwork.

The news was bleak—Paul would need a kidney transplant if he had any chance of living a long life.

Clearly, some state polls missed the mark in 2016, leading forecasts to assume he had less of a chance of winning than he did.

When the NHL playoffs began, the bookmakers didn’t give the Dallas Stars much of a chance to win the Stanley Cup.

As of Monday, FiveThirtyEight forecast the odds of Biden winning at 75%, while The Economist forecast the Democratic nominee having a 84% chance of winning the electoral college.

That’s where Allied came in, offering the rare chance to use even warmer and lighter 1,000-fill down.

If the winds pick up as much as expected, chances are they won’t.

If you throw away this chance, you will both richly deserve to be hanged, as I sincerely trust you will be.

Instead of giving you a chance to say, "He has made a mistake," he forced you to say, "He has shown how to get out of a mistake."