Unforeseen [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unforeseen:

But, half-way in, he stopped, confounded by an unforeseen difficulty.

This adventure had come to an unforeseen end that agreeably surprised him.

But here a strange and unforeseen complication had occurred.

Thus he determined, and thus no doubt he would have acted but for an unforeseen contingency.

He spoke with agitation which was increased by an unforeseen happening.

Her presence in the ante-room was as unforeseen as the apparition of her brother had been.

"Some unforeseen event, a sheer accident might have done that," I went on.

Man on this earth is an unforeseen accident which does not stand close investigation.

This unforeseen veil, baffling his curiosity checked his brusqueness.

These remarks of the chevalier were interrupted by an unforeseen accident.