Incidental [adjective]

Definition of Incidental:

related; minor

Opposite/Antonyms of Incidental:

Sentence/Example of Incidental:

While defenders of the status quo like to argue that the number of deaths is incidental compared to the number of new infections, the two are obviously linked.

The fact that the Hummer doesn’t produce any tailpipe emissions is almost an incidental benefit.

Casual employment in the Connecticut act means occasional or incidental employment.

How just is this sentiment, so simply phrased, incidental to the passionate and feverish colour of the painter!

For the first time it was no longer disguised from sight by the incidental interest of its side issues.

Incidental features of sex hygiene will arise naturally from physical education and can be adequately treated there.

The painter will do well to look on them as something incidental merely to the picture.

He did not acknowledge having killed his brother, but confessed to having been the incidental cause of that brother's death.

Please observe Wiseman and Wishart; for incidental grimness, they strike me as in it.

We have incidental references during the ensuing decade to the existence of sick wards in workhouses.