Concurrent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Concurrent:

Ellen was beloved, and there was, besides, a concurrent strain of sympathy through the assembly who had known all her past.

This is the concurrent testimony of officers and others whose opinions are entitled to weight.

The report of this commission bore the most concurrent testimony, that the girls' schools were much inferior to the boys' schools.

The question is probably considered too simply—too much to the neglect of concurrent influences.

We would and could have no concurrent convention with the confederate power upon the subject.

Some objective, evidentially concurrent support and confirmation of the confession is required.

It is certain that the probability of general truth in these concurrent testimonies is greatly enhanced by their independence.

My round white breasts beneath their black serge are concurrent with nothing settled or subservient or discreet.

The decision arrived at would commonly be the result, not of a single proof, but of many concurrent circumstances.

Evidently the effect, so far from being differential, is concurrent.