Concerted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Concerted:

Heavy firing on the Peninsula last night under cover of which the Turks at dawn made, or tried to make, a grand, concerted attack.

Don't set yourself between two cast-iron walls, Mr. Gwynne, because when they do get a concerted move on, they fly like hell.

Perhaps some day when you were bored or worried you would fancy you saw a carefully concerted plan in our liaison.

When Justin returned, ropes were passed round the leafy bier and the body was lowered by concerted effort.

The young man came home late at night, locked the door, made a concerted signal, and was admitted to the senior presence.

The crowd gives a concerted cheer as the train pulls out and a few intrepid ones run alongside until distanced by steam and steel.

England had grown very angry over the attempts of the colonies to organize a system of concerted action.

But the skill of Maximian had concerted a prudent system of defence.

But the first concerted attack against the Ministry was made in reference to the budget.

With these tidings she hastened to Lady Eleanor, and concerted the journey which now brought them all together.