Inconsistent [adjective]

Definition of Inconsistent:

contradictory, irregular

Opposite/Antonyms of Inconsistent:

Sentence/Example of Inconsistent:

An AI hiring tool could satisfy that requirement and still be wildly inconsistent at predicting how well people from different groups actually succeed in the job once they’re hired.

The variability of the data and inconsistent analyses concerned the researchers, who recommend more standardization, stronger analytical approaches and an attempt to collect more information in smaller geographic areas.

Testing and reporting were so scarce and inconsistent that it distorted the numbers that researchers obtained.

The government’s public health messaging was inconsistent, it lost the public’s trust through a series of scandals and policy U-turns, and more recently, it failed to take decisive measures during the Christmas period.

Compounding the problem, local leaders have repeatedly complained about inconsistent vaccine supplies.

For example, if the website says one thing, and social media channels say something else, then messaging will be inconsistent, confusing and not very engaging.

To make matters worse, the rollout of vaccines has been slow, inconsistent, and is already rife with scandals—reports suggest an alleged third of doses might have been administered to citizens outside the priority lists.

Starting quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa, who had an inconsistent sophomore season but showed flashes of potential, will also return for 2021, which will presumably make the receivers job at Maryland an attractive position.

County health officials were off when they interpreted the state’s rules in an “inconsistent” way last year, a problem flagged by the county superintendent of schools.

That would be completely inconsistent with their brand positioning.