Fickle [adjective]

Definition of Fickle:

vacillating, blowing hot and cold

Opposite/Antonyms of Fickle:

Sentence/Example of Fickle:

That fickle mentality has carried the league, for better or worse, for a decade.

In the fickle climate of today’s NBA, it’s hard to imagine a reconciliation, especially with Harden prepared to make the situation ugly.

Facebook had long given developers access to its platform, known as an API, but was often fickle with how developers could use the data.

For live, one-time events, you want the simplest setup possible—you won’t want to wrangle a fickle Wi-Fi router that’s struggling to handle loads of guests.

The new monarch, with his striking personality and good looks, at once captivated the hearts of his fickle Southern subjects.

But he was quite right in carping at her, for fortune, like other fickle jades, is more likely to be true if steadily abused.

He was an outlaw, hunted and despised, depending for his life on the caprice of a fickle-minded woman.

She was quite wickedly indifferent to consequences, and was inspired to woo the fickle goddess of popularity.

Women accuse men of being inconstant, and men retort that women are fickle.

Fate had been fickle and cold so long; but now, when her smile was worse than a frown, she could easily relent.