Flighty [adjective]

Definition of Flighty:

fickle, irresponsible

Opposite/Antonyms of Flighty:

Sentence/Example of Flighty:

Fitness clubs have long relied on long-term membership agreements to prevent flighty customers from abandoning their New Year’s resolutions without a financial penalty.

I never looked upon Hephzibah Wallis as flighty; in fact, she was undoubtedly the steadiest of all my girls.

Weve got to live somehow, and if you get a good job stick to it, say Inone of your highty flighty notions.

She is sweetly pretty, though they say rather a flirt, and flighty in her ways.

She was flighty and frivolous, evasive and obstinate, fond of pleasures not always innocent.

He did write to Mr. Wharton, but in doing so he altogether laid aside that flighty manner which for a while had annoyed her.

"Take comfort," rejoined Ishtar, glad to do a kindness even for this flighty dame.

Robert now beheld all that was in its favour, and saw nothing but flighty flimsy objections to it.

"I think you're flighty," said Mr. Carteret, with the nearest approach to sternness Nick had ever observed in him.

And what flighty nonsense must you read, if you now will vouchsafe to correspond with me, as formerly!