Twit [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Twit:

From that evening, in fact, they watched for every opportunity to twit her about her hopeless dream.

If you are afraid, we will both back out, and then neither can twit the other.

The profession of a gentleman at large, with which you twit me, I hereby renounce.

They twit me in the teeth, because I cannot say who my father and mother were.

In that case I give you leave to twit 'em as hard as you like.

He did give us the house, but it ain't for you to twit me of that.

The pictures on the walls will not twit you with your ignorance.

I supposed it was a mistake for hockey, or else some kind of a twit.

Now I'll twit him, she thought, as they ascended the shore and entered the town.

If you knew how I loved you, you would not twit me with my own words.