Jeer [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Jeer:

A mighty shock drowned the boy's words at this moment, and seemed to jeer at them.

One of the first canons of criticism is never to attempt the feat yourself; jeer rather at others.

But men also humiliate us, degrade us, jeer at, ridicule the miseries that they and their society entail upon us.

The driver had turned to jeer at his companion when he found himself seized in a grip there was no fighting against.

Of course the boys of the town were attracted by the stranger's singular movements, and began to hoot and jeer.

He trembled, and turned sick and faint; while the one in the next cell continued to jeer and mock at him.

They had no mercy those people; they began to laugh and jeer, and make foul jokes about his nakedness.

Not to jeer at them, although our absence would be kinder, nor to sympathize with them; merely to be in whatever is going on.

Members jeer at him when he rises; talk whilst he orates; laugh when he is serious, are serious when he is facetious.

On the tram lines a few snowed-up and deserted trams stood helpless, and not even a kuruma passed to jeer at them.